Apparel Sample Clauses

Apparel. USA Gym will provide me with Team apparel if and when I am invited or assigned by USA Gym to participate in national competitions or activities, or international competitions and exhibitions.
Apparel. Franchisee and its employees must wear shirts, jackets or other approved apparel with The Car Wash Guys logo as designated by Franchisor when performing Services for the Franchised Business. In the event Franchisee operated any business(es) other than the Franchised Business or other franchises offered by Franchisor to the extent expressly permitted in Section 3.3, the personnel employed in such other business(es) must wear apparel that does not feature any of the marks or color schemes of the Franchised Business.
Apparel. Employees who in the regular course of their duties have contact with the public shall be prohibited from wearing clothing such as T-shirts, lapel pins or buttons or other similar items which expresses favor or disfavor for a specific political candidate in an election while at work or while conducting other official State business. Nothing in this provision is meant to supersede current practice that may be more restrictive.
Apparel. The Company shall furnish Nantz, at no cost, with sufficient Ashworth Products to be used by him in connection with the Services and for the personal use of Nantz and his immediate family. The cost of said Product shall not exceed $12,000 (at wholesale) during any single Contract Year.
Apparel. High Performance Program/National Team Program Apparel: Athletes in the USCA High Performance Program/National Team Program will be provided with competitive apparel for each season. As part of the funding support for this program, the USCA will be soliciting sponsors/donors who may be recognized with logos on the National Team apparel. Athletes are allowed to have up to two personal team sponsors recognized on their apparel throughout the season, including at all USCA National Championships, utilizing approved locations (adhering to placement and sizing restrictions as denoted in the USCA Championship Rules Book) on either the right upper arm, the lower back or the side of the leg. Separate apparel and cresting restrictions apply should athletes qualify to represent USA at World, Olympic or Paralympic events.
Apparel. Each of the designations separately listed above shall be considered a separate "Designated Category".
Apparel. 23.01 The Company shall supply employees with proper uniforms. The Company will further supply those employees working in cold temperatures with jackets, hats, raincoats, gloves, winter parkas, maintained where required by the Company. Employees will be permitted turtle neck sweaters as part of their uniform if they choose to do so as long as the turtlenecks are worn underneath the approved uniform. If a parka is damaged or not presentable, another parka will be issued at no cost to the employee as soon as possible within seven working days. The Company agrees during the term of this Agreement to maintain its present practice relative to wearing apparel for employees. The parties further agree that this practice can be amended if mutually acceptable to the employees, the Union and the Company. Employees will continue to select pieces from the catalogue based on an individual need. All full-time CSR/RRA shall be paid $45.00 each month for the purpose of dry cleaning and neat appearance at work. The Company will pay for uniform alteration as approved by management.
Apparel. (i) Footwear Generally employees are required to wear safety footwear. This safety footwear shall be supplied by the company and maintained by the employee. Employee’s who have been issued safety footwear will have such safety footwear replaced on a wear and tear basis upon the presentation of old unserviceable footwear. There shall be no automatic re-issue of footwear where an employee is placed on a new site.
Apparel. The following are uniform items: - Trouser - Shirt (short or long sleeves) - Ties - Three in one jacket - Parka - Lightweight jacket (Effective January 1, 2008) - Sweater (long sleeves) - Sweater vest - Short pants - Fur hat - Gloves - Golf shirt - Socks - Ball cap - Cardigan - Turtleneck - Fleece jackets - Toque Effective January 1, 2012 employees may use up to 25 points every year toward the cost of approved footwear (as per the approved dress code). Receipts for the purchase of such footwear must be provided.