Absolute Sample Clauses

Absolute. At above 2mol%, +/-0.05 absolute Hydrogen Sulphide (including COS) ppm vol <10 +/-0.5 Total Sulphur ppm vol <60 +/-0.8 Incomplete Combustion Factor -2.2 to 1.75 +/-0.03 Soot Index 0.49 to 0.65 +/-0.002 Inert Gases (including Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen)1 Nitrogen mol% 0.2 to 12.0 At 5mol% and below, +/-0.01 absolute. At above 5mol%, +/-0.02 absolute. Hydrogen ppm vol <5000 At 100 ppm and below, +/-2.0. At above 100 ppm, +/-5% relative.
Absolute. The obligations of the Company to make the payment to Executive, and to make the arrangements provided for herein, are absolute and unconditional and may not be reduced by any circumstances, including without limitation any set off, counterclaim (including, without limitation, pursuant to Section 11), recoupment, defense or other right which the Company may have against Executive or any third party at any time.
Absolute. This Guaranty is irrevocable, absolute, present and unconditional continuing guaranty. The obligations of Guarantor under this Guaranty shall not be affected, reduced, modified or impaired upon the happening from time to time of any of the following events, whether or not with notice to (except as notice is otherwise expressly required herein) or the consent of Guarantor:
Absolute. The Lessee's obligations under this Agreement, including its obligations to pay Rent and Agreed Value, are, subject to the Lessor's compliance with its covenant of quiet enjoyment as specifically set forth in Clause 7.1 hereof and the Beneficial Owner's compliance with its undertakings as set forth in the letter of Quiet Enjoyment delivered to the Lessee, absolute and unconditional irrespective of any contingency whatever including (but not limited to):
Absolute. The Guarantor agrees that its obligations under this guarantee arc primary, absolute, irrevocable and unconditional. The Guarantor further agrees that this is a guaranty of payment and performance and not of collection and that upon the breach of any Obligations, the Holder shall have the right to obtain satisfaction of such Obligation from the Guarantor in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the Asset Purchase Agreement or Note. as applicable.
Absolute. Each Guarantor jointly and severally guarantees that the Guaranteed Obligations will be paid strictly in accordance with the terms of the Loan Documents, regardless of any law, regulation or order now or hereafter in effect in any jurisdiction affecting any of such terms or the rights of the Agents or the Lenders with respect thereto. Each Guarantor agrees that this ARTICLE XI constitutes a guaranty of payment when due and not of collection and waives any right to require that any resort be made by any Agent or any Lender to any Collateral. The obligations of each Guarantor under this ARTICLE XI are independent of the Guaranteed Obligations, and a separate action or actions may be brought and prosecuted against each Guarantor to enforce such obligations, irrespective of whether any action is brought against any Loan Party or whether any Loan Party is joined in any such action or actions. The liability of each Guarantor under this ARTICLE XI shall be irrevocable, absolute and unconditional irrespective of, and each Guarantor hereby irrevocably waives any defenses it may now or hereafter have in any way relating to, any or all of the following:
Absolute. The obligations of Borrower under this Note shall be absolute, and Borrower waives any and all rights to offset, deduct or withhold any payments or charges due under this Note for any reason whatsoever. - Assignment Borrower may not assign, delegate, or otherwise transfer any of its rights or obligations under this Note, whether by merger, consolidation, or other business combination, without the prior written consent of Lender.
Absolute. Cyprus Amax's obligations pursuant to Section 3.01 shall be continuing and remain in full force and effect until the Guaranteed Obligations have been discharged in full, subject to reinstatement as provided in Section 3.06. Cyprus Amax's obligations pursuant to Section 3.01 shall be direct, absolute, unconditional, and irrevocable. Cyprus Amax's obligations pursuant to Section 3.01 shall not to any extent or in any way be reduced, limited, terminated, discharged, impaired, or otherwise affected by any of the following: