Definition of Wireless Business

Wireless Business means wireless and mobile telephone operations currently or hereafter conducted by any Person in Brazil.

Examples of Wireless Business in a sentence

Section 5.11 of the PT Group Disclosure Schedule sets for the a complete and accurate list of the relevant trademarks, trade names, service marks, service names, internet domain names, software, mark registrations, logos, assumed names, copyrights and copyright registrations, patents and all applications therefor which PT Covered Assets own or have the right to used in the operation of the PT Covered Assets Wireless Business as currently conducted (collectively, the PT Group Intellectual Property).
Each Group shall and shall procure that any of their Affiliates shall promptly, fairly and fully disclose and offer to the Company all potential acquisitions within the scope of the Wireless Business which come to their attention, provided that if the Board of Directors rejects a proposal for the acquisition of an Interest in a New Acquisition the provisions of Section 1.6.2 of the Subscription Agreement shall apply.
Except as otherwise expressly provided for herein or in the Subscription Agreement, each Group shall, as long as any of its members is a shareholder of the Company, refrain from engaging, directly or indirectly through any Affiliate (other than the Company), in any project in the Wireless Business in competition with the Company.
The obligation of the owner of the Excluded Assets to make the benefit of any such Joint Agreement available to the Domestic Wireless Business shall terminate upon the earlier to occur of the expiration of the Joint Agreement and (2) six months following the transfer, sale or other disposition of the Excluded Asset which is the primary user of such Joint Agreement to a Third Party or a change of control with respect to such Excluded Asset (or such earlier date as determined by AirTouch).
Subject to Applicable Law, the owner of the Excluded Assets shall, except as may otherwise be agreed by AirTouch and U S WEST, take such reasonable actions as NV may request in order to make available, at fully loaded cost, to the Domestic Wireless Business, the use of any such Joint Asset to the same extent such Joint Asset was used by the Domestic Wireless Business as of the Closing Date.