WEG definition

WEG means WildEarth Guardians.
WEG means WildEarth Guardians; and

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WEG means WEG Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 070 943 663).
WEG means Win-Eldrich Gold, Inc., a Nevada corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Win-Eldrich Mines Limited, a Canadian public corporation. Exhibit B Ashdown Project LLC Win-Eldrich Gold, Inc. Contribution Agreement [to be attached at Closing] CONTRIBUTION AGREEMENT BETWEEN WIN-ELDRICH GOLD, INC. AND THE ASHDOWN PROJECT LLC This Contribution Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by and between Win-Eldrich Gold, Inc., a Nevada corporation (“WEG”), and Ashdown Project LLC, a Nevada limited liability company (the “Company”) as of the 28th day of September, 2006.
WEG means Woodbine Entertainment Group; and
WEG. As its initial contribution to the LLC, WEG will contribute 100% of its interest in the ASHDOWN MILL and Lease, free of any liens or claims of interest. WEG will also contribute any knowledge, contracts, geological and engineering reports, logs and other intellectual and hard assets it has concerning ASHDOWN MILL.
WEG has the meaning described in the preamble to this Agreement.