Viewpoint definition

Viewpoint means that location which is identified either in the municipally adopted comprehensive plan or by a federal or State agency, and which serves as the basis for the location and determination of a particular designated scenic resource.
Viewpoint means property that provides a view of an area which is visually significant to the aesthetic character of the county and which provides unlimited public access identified by a permanent sign readily visible from a road or other public right-of-way Eligible sites must provide a view of a scenic natural resource in the county or other visually significant areas and must provide for unlimited public access.

Examples of Viewpoint in a sentence

  • Harold Demsetz, Information and Efficiency: Another Viewpoint, 12 J.L. & ECON.

  • It publishes the Pulaski Policy Papers, the Pulaski Report, and the Pulaski Viewpoint.

  • Configured Viewpoint jobs move data from dbc.Dbqlogtbl, dbc.ResUsageSpma, and dbc.dbqlutilitytbl to the PDCR log.

  • Viewpoint article: definitions and conceptual framework for public health and community nutrition – letter to editor.

  • Teradata Viewpoint is a web-based portal for managing and monitoring a Vantage system.

  • Viewpoint provides a framework to display web-based applications (portlets) that enable users across an enterprise to customize tasks and display options for their specific business needs.

  • Yotis, “TRIA and the Perils of Terrorism Insurance,” Viewpoint, Summer 2007,

  • On an annual basis, Teradata reviews and, if necessary, updates Teradata Viewpoint to verify that notifications and workload parameters are properly configured for the customer analytical ecosystem.

  • The College enforces Viewpoint- and Content-Neutral speech restrictions.

  • Viewpoint Sensitivity:The viewer sensitivity is considered to be medium.

More Definitions of Viewpoint

Viewpoint means Viewpoint International, Inc.
Viewpoint means a location which is identified in the Town comprehensive plan or by federal or state Agency and is associated with a designated scenic resource.
Viewpoint means a location identified either in the Town’s adopted
Viewpoint means Viewpoint International, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Viewpoint means Viewpoint Resources Ltd., a corporation incorporated pursuant to the Business Corporations Act (Alberta); and
Viewpoint shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.7(a) hereof.

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  • IMS has the meaning set forth in Section 6.5.3.

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