Viewpoint definition

Viewpoint means that location which is identified either in the municipally adopted comprehensive plan or by a federal or State agency, and which serves as the basis for the location and determination of a particular designated scenic resource.
Viewpoint means property that provides a view of an area which is visually significant to the aesthetic character of the county and which provides unlimited public access identified by a permanent sign readily visible from a road or other public right-of-way Eligible sites must provide a view of a scenic natural resource in the county or other visually significant areas and must provide for unlimited public access.

Examples of Viewpoint in a sentence

  • Harold Demsetz, Information and Efficiency: Another Viewpoint, 12 J.L. & ECON.

  • The College enforces Viewpoint- and Content-Neutral speech restrictions.

  • Yotis, “TRIA and the Perils of Terrorism Insurance,” Viewpoint, Summer 2007,

  • It publishes the Pulaski Policy Papers, the Pulaski Report, and the Pulaski Viewpoint.

  • Redish, Commercial Speech, First Amendment Intuitionism and the Twilight Zone of Viewpoint Discrimination, 41 LOY.

  • Viewpoint article: definitions and conceptual framework for public health and community nutrition – letter to editor.

  • Viewpoint provides a framework to display web-based applications (portlets) that enable users across an enterprise to customize tasks and display options for their specific business needs.

  • Teradata Viewpoint is a web-based portal for managing and monitoring a Vantage system.

  • Configured Viewpoint jobs move data from dbc.Dbqlogtbl, dbc.ResUsageSpma, and dbc.dbqlutilitytbl to the PDCR log.

  • Hoffmann, S-L., Viewpoint: Human Rights and History, Past and Present, The Past and Present Society, Oxford, 2016.

More Definitions of Viewpoint

Viewpoint means Viewpoint International, Inc.
Viewpoint shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.7(a) hereof.
Viewpoint means a location identified either in the Town’s adopted
Viewpoint means Viewpoint International, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Viewpoint means Viewpoint Resources Ltd., a corporation incorporated pursuant to the Business Corporations Act (Alberta); and

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