Verified definition

Verified means to confirm or establish by oath, nor- mally in the form of a notarized statement.
Verified means acknowledged by the person circulating the petition as required in Sections 20A-7-205 and 20A-7-305.

Examples of Verified in a sentence

  • CALCIUM CARBONATE ID: 471-34-1HAZARD DATA SOURCE: Pharos Chemical and Materials Library HAZARD SCREENING DATE: 2022-10-25 11:34:18%: 0.0000 - 1.7500 GreenScreen: BM-3 RC: None NANO: No SUBSTANCE ROLE: Filler HAZARD TYPE AGENCY AND LIST TITLES WARNINGSEYE GHS - New Zealand Eye irritation category 2 ADDITIONAL LISTINGS AGENCY NOTIFICATIONPOSITIVE LIST US Environmental Protection Agency (US US EPA - DfE SCIL EPA)Green Circle - Verified Low ConcernSUBSTANCE NOTES: Substance bound in matrix of finished product.

  • Totals 331 331 - 161 161 - 10 10 - 9 9 - Percentage Error 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% - Reported on Reported on DRTRS by DRTRS by Transportation DOE/County District Errors Tested Verified Errors Reported RecalculatedReg.

  • Indian News Websites Sources of Indian News Websites CurationStateless Crawl Stateful Crawl OpenWPMHTTP(s) Tracking-related DataResponses Web Tracking Ecosystem Verified byPolitical Science ExpertsCentral India...

  • Verified networks include resnet, Inception, ssd, mobilenet, etc.Training model:If you don't have a model, you can use the model in sample or train the model by yourself.

  • Atif Aftab Ahmed Jilani Date: Verified by Plagiarism Cell Officer Date: Certificate of Approval It is certified that the research work presented in this thesis, entitled “Test Data Generation for Model Transformation Testing” was conducted by Atif Aftab Ahmed Jilani under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Uzair Khan No part of this thesis has been submitted anywhere else for any other degree.

More Definitions of Verified

Verified means acknowledged by the person circulating the petition as
Verified means verified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or the California Air Resources Board to reduce air emissions and meet durability requirements.
Verified means signed and sworn to or affirmed.
Verified means the location and depth have been physically determined by hand digging visually determined using careful and prudent excavating techniques such as hand digging, water excavation, or other safe means.
Verified means passing rigorous testing to ascertain whether the functionality claimed in the innova- tion’s documentation is realized.[67 FR 31120, May 9, 2002, as amended at 77FR 27366, May 10, 2012]§ 1240.103 Criteria.(a) Only those contributions to NASA which have been:
Verified means a notarized form dated, and signed by the applicant, affirming the information provided in the application, including any accompanying documents submitted by or on behalf of the applicant, is true and com- plete.