Vaporizer definition

Vaporizer means a device intended to vaporize LPG from a liquid to a gaseous state.
Vaporizer means by which liquid nitrogen is vaporized for use of pigging of dock lines after completion of cargo operation of class hazardous chemicals.
Vaporizer means an inhalant-type device or electronic cigarette, regardless of the name of the device, that contains a power source and heating element designed to heat a substance and produce a vapour intended to be inhaled by the user of the device directly through the mouth, whether or not the vapour contains nicotine, cannabis, cannabis extract or any other intoxicating substance.

Examples of Vaporizer in a sentence

  • Anesthetic Vaporizer Servs., Inc., 2010 WL 5439737, at * 3 (E.D. Mich.

  • FIGURE 7: Electric Condensate Vaporizer IMPORTANT: It is extremely important that the water level switch operates correctly, that the vaporizer is plugged into the receptacle labeled “VAPORIZER” and the compressor is securely plugged into the receptacle labeled “CONDENSING UNIT”.

  • In November of 2014, the Company closed on an acquisition with Digital Shock media for the Vaporizer business operating under and for cash paid by Easton.

  • Container safety relief devices and regulator relief vents shall be lo- cated not less than five (5) feet in any direction from air openings into sealed combustion system appliances or me- chanical ventilation air intakes.(11) Vaporizer and housing.

  • Under the agreement, the Company agreed to assist S.E. Naples in marketing of the American Vaporizer brand, American Smoke, for ninety (90) days.

  • As a result of the Sale, American Vaporizer ceased to be a subsidiary of the Company, and the financial results of operations and financial statements of American Vaporizer were no longer consolidated with those of the Company.

  • The User Head Lessor agrees to give each of the Participants, the Payment Xxxxxxxxxx, xxx Equity Payment Xxxxxxxxxx, xxx LC Issuer, the Strip Surety Provider, and the Trust at least three (3) Business Days’ prior notice of the scheduled Closing Date (which shall in no event be later than [ September 30], 2003).

  • Anesthetic Vaporizer Servs., Inc.,No. 10-cv-10620, 2010 WL 5439737 (E.D. Mich.

  • All gas meter installations shall be provided with a test tee located adjacent to and on the outlet side of the meter.[Nonretroactive as of January 1, 1990](Added 1989) UR.2.5. Use of Auxiliary Heated Vaporizer Systems.

  • For Marijuana Vaporizer Devices, identification of specific additives shall include, but not be limited to, any additives identified on the FDA's Inactive Ingredient Database for "Respiratory (inhalation)" or "Oral" routes of administration and based on dosage form as an aerosol product or inhalant.

More Definitions of Vaporizer

Vaporizer a heater used to change the state of LNG into CNG.
Vaporizer means a device that converts liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to the gaseous state by means of heat.
Vaporizer means a heat transfer facility designed to intro- duce thermal energy in a controlled manner for changing a liquid or semisolid to a vapor or gaseous state.

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