Usable definition

Usable means playable and (where applicable) movable; and “unusable” shall mean neither playable nor movable.

Examples of Usable in a sentence

Usable kitchens and bathrooms such that an individual in a wheelchair can maneuver about the space.

Provide Lessee with a written certificate from Lessor’s architect/engineer that shall include a sealed set of drawings showing, in red, any changes in the dimension of the Premises, or in the Net Usable Square Feet, from the last set of drawings which Lessor provided to the DGS/BRE.

In parliament the laws are described as tough but just: in the media they presented as punitive powers to ruin criminals.

Lessee shall have the right to use any space within the Premises in excess of the Net Usable Square Feet without the requirement to pay any additional rent, costs or charges.

The certificate shall: (i) include the date(s) when the measurements were done; (ii) specify the Net Usable Square Feet; and (iii) state that the Net Usable Square Feet were determined based upon the Commonwealth's net usable square footage definition.

More Definitions of Usable

Usable. Complies with the applicable rules and regulations of the Act including, without limitation, Rule 3-12 of Regulation S-X and Item 512 of Regulation S-K.
Usable shall be synonymous with "rentable" in this document.
Usable means the floor area in a building after deducting the area occupied by common areas, such as lobbies, amenity spaces, corridors, stairs, elevators, vertical shafts, restrooms, janitor/supply closets and utility/service rooms. The area shall be determined by measuring, at the exterior wall, to the centerline of glazed walls and inside of dominant solid walls. On interior walls, measurements shall be taken from the inside face of walls abutting all common areas, and centerline of walls abutting another tenanted space. AFFORDABLE UNITSTOWN CENTER Two Bedroom 70 Three Bedroom 70 AFFORDABLE UNITS – WESTERN AREA As required by U.H.A.C. at N.J.A.C. 5:80-26.32 SUPPORTIVE HOUSING 32 units/bedrooms
Usable. Area (square feet) shall mean the actual occupiable area of the Premises provided for the exclusive use of the Tenant, and is measured to the Tenant side of corridor or Building Shell partitions, to the nominal glass line at the exterior of the building whether or not the entire wall is glass, and to the middle of partitions demising the Premises from an adjoining rentable Premise. Columns are included within the Usable Area at no reduction of area.