Upland definition

Upland means the land area that lies above the ordinary high-water mark.
Upland means any area that does not qualify as a tidal or nontidal wetland.
Upland. Means dry lands landward of the OHWM.

Examples of Upland in a sentence

  • Appellate Body Report, US – Upland Cotton (Article 21.5 – Brazil), para.

  • Note: Upland options shall be utilized prior to temporary placement within waters of the U.S., unless it can be demonstrated that it would not be practicable or if the impacts of complying with this upland option requirement would result in more adverse impacts to the aquatic environment.

  • This requirement does not apply to extra workspace allowed by the Commission’s Upland Erosion Control, Revegetation, and Maintenance Plan and/or minor field realignments per landowner needs and requirements which do not affect other landowners or sensitive environmental areas such as wetlands.

  • The addition of underground outlets to existing waterways and terraces is not eligible for funding.10.81(6) Upland treatment.

  • Decision by the Arbitrator, US – Upland Cotton (Article 22.6 – US II), para.

More Definitions of Upland

Upland. Means all lands at an elevation above the normal high water mark.
Upland means land located inland of the near shore of a water body.
Upland means the land area above and landward of the ordinary high water mark or any area that does not qualify as a wetland.
Upland means non-wetland, when used to describe a
Upland means any land that is not a wetland or other water.
Upland or “Uplands” refers to that portion of the Habitat Area not described as “Wetland” or “Wetlands” in the sketch plan attached to this Agreement as part of Schedule “A”. The Uplands contain native and naturalized grasses, forbs and other herbaceous plants;