Upland definition

Upland means all lands lying above mean high water.
Upland means the land area that lies above the ordinary high-water mark.
Upland. , when used as an adjective, means outside of the shoreline area.

Examples of Upland in a sentence

Upland areas (catchments) adjacent to and surrounding both breeding and nonbreeding aquatic habitat that provide for the natural hydrologic regime (water quantity) of aquatic habitats.

Upland soils play a vital role in regulating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our environment.

It would be against public policy and the Lee Comprehensive Plan to change the FLUMdesignation on these parcels from Conservation Land Upland and/or Conservation Wetland to any other FLUM designation.

Kennedy Endowed Chair in Upland Bird Ecology and enhanced the Kennedy Chair in Waterfowl and Wetlands Ecology.

No landscape designations have been identified within the Study Area and as such potential impacts on landscape character would be limited to the three identified landscape character types (LCTs); Urban, Alluvial Plan and Rugged Upland Farm.

More Definitions of Upland

Upland means land located, or lying higher or above the natural boundary of a body of water.
Upland means land not designated a resource area under the Wetlands Protection Act, G.L. c. 131, s. 40 and 310 CMR 10.00.
Upland. Means dry lands landward of the OHWM.
Upland means between 200 and 1000 metres in altitude.
Upland. Means all lands at an elevation above the normal high water mark.
Upland. ’ means ‘‘above the ordinary high water mark.’’ That commenter also requested clarification as to what constitutes ‘‘temporary’’ in terms of how long temporary fills can be kept in place. Another commenter asked for a definition of ‘‘minor deviations’’ and two commenters recommended that ‘‘immediately adjacent’’ be defined.
Upland means the land area above and landward of the ordinary high water mark or any area that does not qualify as a wetland.