TV definition

TV means television;
TV means the Target Volatility;

Examples of TV in a sentence

  • All children must know which rooms staff are in and how to contact them if required.If rooms are equipped with satellite TV, inappropriate programmes may be available.

  • If the registrant arranged, sponsored or delivered speeches, lectures or radio and TV broadcasts, give details as to dates, places of delivery, names of speakers and subject matter.

  • Amounts received for services including, but not limited to, the following: planning commission charges, building department charges, copies of public records, copy machines charges, accident report copies, gun permit applications, 911 telephone services, recycling fees, dog pound fees, emergency medical service fees, park rental fees, swimming pool receipts, cable TV receipts, ordinance violations, fines and fees, bond forfeitures, court costs, and court receipts.

  • The property’s TCV and TV are at issue for each tax year under appeal.

  • Location of telephone outlets, T.V. Music & Fire Alarm outlet boxes, junctions boxes, sizes of various conduits.

More Definitions of TV

TV means the Target Volatility Level;
TV means a finished electronic device, primarily intended for sale to the general public, having a display of at least 15 inches and the primary function of which is displaying on said display video content, regardless of whether this content arrives at the device via terrestrial or satellite transmission, by coaxial cable or by wired or wireless Internet connection. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an electronic device intended for use in combination with medical systems shall not be considered a “TV”.
TV or "TV set" means a video monitor with an integrated tuner, the primary purpose of which is the reception and display of broadcast television.
TV means the Training and Visit system of management of extension;
TV means PetCARE Television Network, Inc., a subsidiary of Medical Media Television, Inc., a Florida corporation offering client education television programming to veterinarians, through a subscription service, for use in their reception areas and exam rooms.
TV means WPTA-TV, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
TV means either local basic cable, satellite, or OTA digital television service access in Naismith Hall, and does not include the premium and/or “pay-per-view” channels.