TV definition

TV means television;
TV means a finished electronic device, primarily intended for sale to the general public, having a display of at least 15 inches and the primary function of which is displaying on said display video content, regardless of whether this content arrives at the device via terrestrial or satellite transmission, by coaxial cable or by wired or wireless Internet connection. Notwithstanding the foregoing, an electronic device intended for use in combination with medical systems shall not be considered a “TV”.
TV means the Target Volatility Level;

Examples of TV in a sentence

  • Have them discuss and prepare a news report for a TV station, such as CNN to talk about Patrick’s return from the dead.

  • The TV and the DVD will be of well-reputed brands like Videocon, LG, Sony, Samsung and Philips etc.

  • The Lessor cannot be held liable for issues such as interruptions to water supply, electricity, Internet connection, cable TV, or breakdowns of lifts or pool filtration systems.

  • The appliance has the ability to provide TV quality streaming video on any size color screen with PIP and Desk Top Conferencing capability.

  • In fact, frequency of mobile phones is 5 to 20 times higher than FM or TV stations and more near to frequencies used in microwave ovens, which are known to be more efficient for ‘cooking’, a phenomena which changes physical condition of food permanently.

More Definitions of TV

TV means the Target Volatility;
TV or "TV set" means a video monitor with an integrated tuner, the primary purpose of which is the reception and display of broadcast television.
TV means K-tel TV, Inc., a Minnesota corporation.
TV means the Terminal Value NEF: means the cash flow correspondent to the last period of the explicit projection calculated according to Appendix E, and normalized with respect to non-recurrent investments for that year. r: is the calculated Discount Rate in terms of section 9 above. n: is the number of years between the last calendar year of the explicit projection and the last calendar year of effectiveness of the Concession.
TV means the television inspection of the sewer lines.
TV means Training Voucher.