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  • For discharges to TMDL watersheds with TSS identified as a stressor, the permit shall also comply with the applicable TMDL consistent with its assumptions and requirements.

  • To map methylation values over gene promoters, the promoter region of each gene in question was defined as the region [TSS - 1 kb, TSS + 200 b] flanking its transcription start site using the makePvalueAnnotation function.

  • The maximum daily BOD5 and TSS concentration limits of 50 mg/L were based on a Department best professional judgment of BPT.

  • The previous permitting action established monthly and weekly average BOD5 and TSS best practicable treatment (BPT) concentration limits of 30 mg/L and 45 mg/L respectively, that are based on secondary treatment requirements as defined in Department rule 06-096 CMR Chapter 525(3)(III).

  • Regarding the lack of reference water/natural variation information for imposing a DO flux or BOD response criteria, the only data presented was that reference information was collected for TSS and TP.25 Apparently the Board inferred from this chart that other reference water information was available for the issues raised by MESERB.

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TSS means Total Suspended Solids. TSS is a measure of the filterable solids present in a sample.
TSS means total suspended solids, a measure of all suspended solids in a liquid, typically expressed in mg/L.
TSS or "total suspended solids" means the mass of suspended matter in wastewater retained on a standard glass fiber filter after filtration of a well-mixed sample after drying for one (1) hour at one hundred three degrees Celsius (103C).