Trunk definition

Trunk means a communication line between two switching systems.
Trunk means a single transmission channel providing a direct physical and functional Interconnection between two switching centers.
Trunk means a circuit used for connecting a subscriber to the public switched telephone network.

Examples of Trunk in a sentence

  • Trunk side connections offer those transmission and signaling features appropriate for the connection of switching entities and cannot be used for the direct connection of ordinary telephone station sets.

  • This initial traffic forecast will provide the amount of traffic to be delivered to and from Verizon over each of the Interconnection Trunk groups in the LATA over the next eight (8) quarters.

  • The following Local Switching ports are available with CLSP Service: Analog Line Ports, Digital Line Ports Supporting Basic Rate Interface-Integrated Services Digital Network (“BRI ISDN”), and Analog Trunk Ports.

  • The overall spend on 'Motorways and Trunk Roads' increases from fi557.6m to fi700.2m over the course of the Spending Review period, while the spending for 'Sustainable and Active Travel' decreases from fi25.1m to an average of fi18.7m over the three-year period of the Spending Review.

  • The Local Switching Network Element (“Local Switching”) is collectively the Line Side and Trunk Side facilities in the local serving CenturyLink end office Switch which provides the basic switching function, the port, plus the features, functions, and capabilities of the switch including all compatible, available, and loaded vertical features (e.g., anonymous call rejection) that are loaded in that switch.

More Definitions of Trunk

Trunk means, in a telecommunications network, a path connecting two switching systems used to establish end- to-end connection. In some circumstances, both of its termi- nations may be in the same switching system.
Trunk means a circuit used for connecting a subscriber to the public switched telephone network. “Wireless communications service” means cellular, broadband PCS, and SMR which provide real-time two-way interconnected voice service, the networks of which utilize intelligent switching capability and offer seamless handoff to customers. This definition includes facilities-based service providers and non-facilities-based resellers. For purposes of wireless 911 surcharge, wireless communications service does not include services whose customers do not have access to 911, or a 911-like service, a communications channel utilized only for data transmission, or a private
Trunk means a transmission path between switching units, switching centers and/or toll centers.
Trunk means a communication line connecting two switching systems.
Trunk means a line consisting of multiple Voice Channels that may carry multiple Voice Calls between the Location and the Orange Voice Network, using either TDM or IP as a transmission protocol.
Trunk or "Trunk Group” means the switch port interfaces(s) used and the communications path created to connect Carrier’s network with Telco’s network for the purpose of exchanging Authorized Services Local Calls for the purposes of Interconnection.
Trunk shall include the clavicle, sternum, scapula, rib, spine, ilium, ischium and pubis. “Upper Limb” shall include the humerus to the distal phalanges.