Trimming definition

Trimming means removing leaves, roots, and other extraneous materials in preparation for grading, sorting, and sale as a whole fruit or vegetable. Trimming does not remove the peel or core and does not further cut the whole fruit or vegetable.
Trimming means any levelling of a cargo within a cargo space, either partial or total.
Trimming means the selective removal of portions of branches from a Tree so as to modify the Tree shape or profile or otherwise alter the Tree’s appearance.

Examples of Trimming in a sentence

Trimming of tree branches or cutting of a few trees en-route during survey is within the scope of survey to be done by the contractor.

Trimming allowance shall not exceed 4 inches; logs overrunning this allowance will be scaled at the next greater foot in length.

Trimming shall be performed with string type trimmers or hand shears around structures, trees, curbs, fences, posts, walks, drives, etc.

Trimming, facing and cutting marble to a specific size using a power saw, cutting and facing equipment, and hand tools3.

Trimming shall be performed every two weeks or as requested by the Program Manager.

More Definitions of Trimming

Trimming. , shall mean the cutting or removal of the tree’s foliage or wood for the exclusive purposes of affecting the trees shape.
Trimming accruals means reducing expenses and COGS, which increases gross margin.
Trimming means any levelling of the material within a cargo space, either partial or total, by means of loading spouts or chutes, portable machinery, equipment or manual labour.
Trimming means removal of less than one-third of a tree's foliage in any one year in a way that will not foreseeably cause the tree's death or permanent damage to its health.
Trimming means the part of ship loading that requires the use of spoons, slingers, and other equipment attached to the loading spout to ensure that a ship is loaded to capacity.
Trimming means the removal of grass edges to grassed areas using long handles shears or other approved method.
Trimming means the removal of lateral branches or leaders of a tree or shrub, that does not sever the plant from its roots.