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Transitional Arrangements means a senior football pitch and changing room facility that may be provided in the circumstances set out in paragraph 3.3 and which (if provided) are to be available for the period between the removal of the Existing Playing Fields and the point at which the facilities to be provided pursuant to paragraph 3.2 are useable. 2. PROW CONTRIBUTION 2.1 NNB GenCo shall pay to the County Council the sum of £296,597 on or before the Commencement Date as a contribution towards the cost of the County Council carrying out the works, diversions and related activities set out in the ROW Schedule of Works.

Transitional Arrangements means the arrangements listed in

Transitional Arrangements means the arrangements listed in Annex 2;

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A review of the Trade Waste area has been commissioned, for completion in 2018/19, and the recommendations from that will be used to inform a review of this paragraph of the LAMA for 2019/20 2018/19 only Transitional Arrangements.
Transitional Arrangements During the time it takes to transition the carrying value of non-current assets from the cost approach to the fair value approach, the Council may still be utilising both methods across differing asset classes.
Transitional Arrangements 11.1 Purpose of this Chapter 11.1.1 The Rules govern the arrangements to be put in place to progressively facilitate the delivery of DSR CMUs and smaller Non-CMRS Distribution CMUs during Delivery Years prior to the Delivery Year for the First Full Capacity Auction.
The Regulations: Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004, and the Town and Country Planning (Transitional Arrangements) Regulations 2004.
Merger and Acquisition Transitional Arrangements (a) Mergers and acquisitions of companies that use the general risk-based capital rules.

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Transitional Arrangements means transitional services agreements, and