Definition of Tranche A Commitments

Tranche A Commitments means the Commitments of the Tranche A Lenders.

Tranche A Commitments means: Execution Version 181210
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Examples of Tranche A Commitments in a sentence

The Tranche A Borrowers, TCCI or TFA shall have the right, at any time, upon at least three Business Days' notice to a Defaulting Lender (with a copy to the Administrative Agent), to terminate in whole such Defaulting Lender's Tranche A Commitments, Tranche B Commitments or Tranche C Commitments, respectively.
If the Lenders and Eligible Assignees do not agree to increase the applicable Aggregate Tranche A Commitments by the amount requested by TMCC pursuant to this Section 2.14(a), TMCC may (i) withdraw its request for an increase in its entirety or (ii) accept, in whole or in part, the increases that have been offered.
The consent of the Lenders is not required to increase the amount of the Aggregate Tranche A Commitments pursuant to this Section, except that each appropriate Lender shall have the right to consent to an increase in the amount of its Commitment as set forth in this Section 2.14(a).
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that all of the Tranche A Commitments are terminated, the FILO Commitments shall be terminated contemporaneously therewith, without further action by the Administrative Agent, the Lead Borrower or any other Person.
Upon at least two (2) Business Days prior written notice to the Administrative Agent, the Lead Borrower may, at any time, in whole permanently terminate, or from time to time in part permanently reduce, the Tranche A Commitments.