Trained definition

Trained means vocational training of duration more than 120 hours in the sectors or modules pertaining to any of the following:• Courses or Modules or job roles notified by NCVT / SCVT / Modular Employable Skills / Sector Skill Councils or technical/vocational/engineering/management courses approved by AICTE• Training Programmes sponsored by any state or central government department/ministry/CSR initiatives.Project completion certificates mentioning the sector-wise no. of trainees trained for completed projects and certificate from the sponsoring agency mentioning the sector-wise number of trainees trained as 31.03.2017 in case of ongoing projects. It will not include any training that is done as part of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).Documentary evidence of number of candidates trained needs to be provided as per Annexure 6G.
Trained means candidate who have undergone training in vocational training of minimum of 100 hours in the sectors or modules pertaining to any of the following:
Trained means to have achieved such proficiency.

Examples of Trained in a sentence

  • The Security Agency providing Trained Security personnel must have their well structured/establishedTrainingCentreforsuch personnel.

  • Trained as a surgeon Dr. Wolgen holds an MD from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

  • Trained DSSL model performance was assessed based on held out data achieving 99.87% precision and 99.96% recall.

  • Trained qualitative researchers followed a topic guide specifically designedfor each type of respondent.

  • N/B· P1 Trained Teachers are not eligible for this course.· Holders of foreign certificates should present them to KNEC for equating before applying.

More Definitions of Trained

Trained means to have achieved such proficiency in the skills and to implement those skills regularly.
Trained means vocational training of a minimum duration of 40 hours in the sectors or modules pertaining to any of the following:• Courses or modules or job roles notified SCVT/NCVT/ Health Sector Skill Council• Training Programs sponsored by any state or central government department / ministry.• Courses being undertaken by Industry Associations (“Industry Association” means an independent organization founded and funded by two or more organizations that operate in a specific industry) or certified by central or state government approved certifying agencies.
Trained means postgraduate training qualification such as, L.T., B.T., B.Ed. or M.Ed. of any university or any equivalent Degree.