Townhome definition

Townhome or "townhouse" means property that is owned subject to an arrangement under
Townhome or "townhouse" means property that is owned subject to an arrangement under which persons own their own units and hold separate title to the land beneath their units, but under which they may jointly own the common areas and facilities.
Townhome means one individual dwelling located on a Lot.

Examples of Townhome in a sentence

  • Each Home or Townhome shall be used only as a residence, provided that no Owner shall be precluded, with respect to his Home or Townhome, from (i) Maintaining a personal or professional library (ii) keeping his personal business records or accounts therein or (iii) handling his personal business or professional calls or correspondence therefrom.

  • A residential housing unit consisting of a group of rooms which may be attached to one or more other Townhomes by common party walls and which is designed or intended for the exclusive use as a living quarters for one family, as herein defined, as constructed by the Developer and the parcel of real estate upon which the Townhome is constructed.

  • In the event a request is made which requires this information to be provided in less than the ten (10) day period provided by statute, the Association will charge the Townhome Owner an additional fee, approved by the Board.

More Definitions of Townhome

Townhome is defined as the entire dwelling unit with the street address designation indentified herein.
Townhome means a multifamily residence that is individually owned along with the underlying land, but adjacent to common areas under separate or common ownership.
Townhome means a building designed exclusively for occupancy by one family and containing one dwelling unit, occupying space from the ground to the roof and not lying vertically under or over adjacent units, and attached to one or more other dwelling units by common walls which may be located on lot side lines.
Townhome means a completed fee simple dwelling constructed on an individual Lot.”Articles 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4 shall not apply and the following shall be substituted:
Townhome or “Townhouse” means an attached single family home. These terms are synonyms, and may be used interchangeably.
Townhome or “Townhouse” shall mean the residential dwelling improvement constructed on a Lot which is designed and intended for use and occupancy as a residence by a single family.