the Assets definition

the Assets. As used herein, the term "Assets" refers to all of PEM's right, title and interest in and to the following:
the Assets means all the Vendor's right title and interest in all and any of:

Examples of the Assets in a sentence

  • For the avoidance of doubt, notwithstanding the fact that the Agreement has not been terminated, no fee will be accrued under this Agreement with respect to any day that the value of the Assets under the Sub-Adviser’s management equals zero.

  • The Assuming Institution shall prepare such instruments and documents of conveyance (in form and substance satisfactory to the Receiver) as shall be necessary to vest title to the Assets in the Assuming Institution.

  • The Assuming Bank shall prepare such instruments and documents of conveyance (in form and substance satisfactory to the Receiver) as shall be necessary to vest title to the Assets in the Assuming Bank.

  • The Custodian may also make payments to itself or others from the Assets for disbursements and out-of-pocket expenses incidental to handling Securities or other similar items relating to its duties under this Agreement, provided that all such payments shall be accounted for to the appropriate Fund.

  • The fee will be calculated based on the average daily value of the Assets under the Sub-Adviser’s management and will be paid to the Sub-Adviser monthly.

More Definitions of the Assets

the Assets. The “Assets” shall be defined as: (a) the oil and gas leases (all tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances belonging to such leases) covering rights in the Wellbores (defined below), more fully described on the attached Exhibit “A”, insofar and only insofar as such leases entitle the owner of such Wellbores to hydrocarbons produced from such Wellbores and to any pooling rights associated therewith (the “Leases”); (b) to the extent transferable, all surface rights appurtenant to and used or held for use primarily in connection with, the Wellbores, Leases and Equipment (the “Surface Rights”); (c) the undivided working interest and NRI (defined below) of the wellbores of the oil, gas and mineral wells described on the attached Exhibit “B” (the “Wellbores”) and all hydrocarbons produced therefrom after the Effective Time, insofar and only insofar as such hydrocarbons are produced from the depths of such wellbores in the Eagle Ford Shale Formation as of the Effective Time; (d) all production facilities, structure, tubular goods, well equipment, lease equipment, production equipment, pipelines, and all other personal property fixtures and facilities located on the Leases or used in connection with the Wellbores (the “Equipment”); (e) the contracts related to the Wellbores set forth on the attached Exhibit “C” excluding the Kinder Morgan NAESB, the Kinder Morgan Trade Confirmation and the SOG Contract ( the “Contracts”); (f) a copy of all files, records and data that relate to the Wellbores in the control of or maintained by the Seller (the “Wellbore Records”); in each case, only to the extent not constituting Excluded Assets (as hereinafter defined).
the Assets the assets of the Vendor agreed to be sold pursuant to clause 2 "the Book Debts" all sums of money owing or which become owing to the Vendor on or after the Transfer Date in respect of goods sold or services rendered on or before the Transfer Date "the Business" the business of the Vendor being research and development of wireless point to multipoint broadband communications
the Assets means all or any of the Contracts, the Goodwill, the Equipment, the Stock and the WIP as defined in the First Schedule
the Assets. The Assets the subject of the English Sale Agreement (and as defined therein) "the Associated Documents" Each of the documents or agreements (other than the Ancillary Agreements) referred to in the Sale Agreements which are to be entered into or issued on Completion of such Sale Agreements including without limitation the `A' Loan Notes, the `B' Loan Notes and the `C' Loan Notes (as defined in the Argentinean Sale Agreement)
the Assets means all the assets property and rights to be sold to the Purchaser pursuant to clause 2 AS-IS-WHERE-IS with all faults and without any warranties other than as expressly set forth herein PROVIDED HOWEVER that the Assets shall not include any items of personal property which bear the trademark or indicia of the Franchisor 1.1:3 "the Assumed Liabilities" means the liabilities to be assumed by the Purchaser pursuant to clause 4 1.1:4 "the Book Debts" means all book and other debts accounts receivable notes receivable accrued or accruing due to the Vendor in respect of
the Assets means the assets of the Business agreed to be sold and all other rights referred to in clause 2.2 agreed to be transferred to the Purchaser under this Agreement;