Definition of Term Loan C

Term Loan C means the Term Loan made by a Lender to Borrowers on the Original Closing Date.

Examples of Term Loan C in a sentence

The Guarantor recognizes that Lender is relying upon this Guaranty Agreement and the undertakings of the Guarantor hereunder in making extensions of credit to Borrower under the Loan Agreement and further recognizes that the execution and delivery of this Guaranty Agreement is a material inducement to Lender in making Term Loan C under the Loan Agreement.
The Administrative Agent shall maintain a loan account (the "Loan Account") on its books to record each of Term Loan A, Term Loan B and Term Loan C, all payments made by Borrower with respect to such Term Loan, and all other debits and credits as provided in this Agreement with respect to such Term Loan or any other Obligations with respect to such Term Loan.
The Term Loan C shall, upon the request of any Lender pursuant to Section 1.10, be evidenced by a Note, and, upon such request as provided in Section 1.10, Borrower shall execute and deliver each Note to the applicable Term C Lender.
All amounts outstanding under the Term Loan C shall constitute Obligations.
The term "Guaranteed Indebtedness" as used herein means the Borrower's obligations under Term Loan C (as defined in the Loan Agreement), provided that Guarantor's liability with respect to such obligations shall be limited to an amount not to exceed 600,000.