Definition of Term Loan B Loans

Term Loan B Loans means the amounts advanced by the Lenders holding a Term Loan B Commitment to the Borrower as Term Loan B Loans and evidenced by the Term Loan B Notes.

Examples of Term Loan B Loans in a sentence

Loans (other than Institutional Term Loan B Loans except in the event Section 2.14 is applicable) comprising each ABR Borrowing shall bear interest at the Alternate Base Rate plus the Applicable Rate (which is the "ABR Spread" applicable in accordance with the definition of Applicable Rate herein).
Aggregate Term Loan B Exposure: with respect to any Term Loan B Lender at any time, the aggregate unpaid principal amount of such Term Loan B Lenders Term Loan B Loans then outstanding plus the Available Term Loan B Commitment of such Term Loan B Lender then in effect.
On the Mandatory Prepayment Date, (i) the Borrower shall pay to the Administrative Agent for the account of the relevant Term Loan B Lenders the aggregate amount necessary to prepay that portion of the outstanding relevant Term Loan B Loans in respect of which such Term Loan B Lenders have accepted prepayment as described above and the Borrower shall be entitled to retain the remaining portion of the Term Loan B Prepayment Amount not accepted by the relevant Term Loan B Lenders.
Any repayment of the Term Loan A Loans or Term Loan B Loans, as applicable, from the proceeds of an Incremental Facility shall be applied pro rata across the remaining scheduled repayments set forth in Sections 2.7(b)(i) and 2.7(b)(ii) hereof, and any repayment of the Revolving Loans, if applicable, shall reduce the Revolving Loan Commitments in an amount equal to such repayment.
Each prepayment of the Term Loan B Loans under Section 2.12 shall be accompanied by accrued interest to the date of such prepayment on the amount prepaid.