Definition of Term Loan A-1

Term Loan A-1 means the term loans made by the Term A-1 Lenders pursuant to Section 2.01 (a)(ii).

Examples of Term Loan A-1 in a sentence

The Term Loan A-1 may be composed of Base Rate Loans, Eurodollar Rate Loans or LIBOR Daily Floating Rate Loans, or a combination thereof, as further provided herein.
If the Term Loan A-1 is increased or an Incremental Term Loan is added in accordance with this Section, the Administrative Agent and the Borrower shall determine the effective date (the "Increase Effective Date") and the final allocation of such increase or Incremental Term Loan.
Each such promissory note shall, in the case of Term Loan A-1, be in the form of Exhibit C (a "Term Loan A-1 Note").
Each Lender shall notify the Administrative Agent within the time period specified by the Borrower pursuant to Section 2.16(a) whether or not it agrees to increase Term Loan A-1 or agrees to participate in an Incremental Term Loan and, if so, whether by an amount equal to, greater than, or less than its Applicable Percentage of such requested increase.
Any Lender not responding within such time period shall be deemed to have declined to increase its Term Loan A-1 or participate in an Incremental Term Loan.