Definition of Term Date

Term Date means the Term Date as defined in the Employment Agreement.

Examples of Term Date in a sentence

If the Company elects to restore you to full-time service, then this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect in all respects and the Term Date shall not be extended by virtue of the occurrence of the Disability Period.
If such notice is delivered on or after the date which is 60 days prior to the Term Date, the provisions of Section 4.3 shall apply.
Any and all indebtedness may be repaid by the Borrower in whole or in part from time to time prior to the Term Date.
If the exercise of the Option is so prevented, the Option shall remain exercisable until three (3) months after the date the Optionee is notified by the Company that the Option is exercisable, but in any event no later than the Option Term Date.
The Company shall have the right, exercisable by written notice to you delivered before the date which is 60 days prior to the Term Date, to terminate your employment under this Agreement without cause, which notice shall specify the Effective Termination Date.