Definition of Term Credit

Term Credit means the credit facility for the Term Loans described in Section 1.1(a) hereof.
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Examples of Term Credit in a sentence

To the extent any Term Credit Facility proceeds are repaid for any reason, whether voluntarily or involuntarily (including repayments from insurance or condemnation proceeds), Agent and Lenders shall have no obligation to re-advance such sums to Borrower.
Except as provided below, Borrower shall have no right to prepay the Credit Extensions made in respect of a Term Credit Facility.
The monthly payments required under the Amortization Schedule shall continue in the same amount (for so long as the applicable Term Credit Facility shall remain outstanding) notwithstanding any partial prepayment, whether mandatory or optional, of the applicable Term Credit Facility.
Except as this Agreement may specifically provide otherwise, all prepayments of Credit Extensions under Term Credit Facilities shall be applied by Agent to the applicable Term Credit Facility in inverse order of maturity.
For any Credit Facility identified on the Credit Facility Schedule as a term facility (a Term Credit Facility), Credit Extensions in respect of a Term Credit Facility may be requested by Borrower during the Draw Period for such Term Credit Facility.