Definition of Term C Loan Commitment

Term C Loan Commitment means, as to any Lender, the obligation of such Lender to make its Term C Loan on the Closing Date in the principal amount not to exceed the amount set forth opposite such Lender's name on Schedule 1 attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Borrower and the Lenders acknowledge and agree that the Term C Loan Commitments of the Lenders aggregate $100,000,000 on the First Amendment Closing Date.

Examples of Term C Loan Commitment in a sentence

Available Term C Loan Commitment shall mean as to any Lender at any time during the Commitment Period, an amount equal to the excess, if any, of (a) such Lenders aggregate Commitment with respect to Term C Loans over (b) the aggregate principal amount of Term C Loans theretofore made hereunder in respect of such Commitment.
DOMESTIC OFFICE: LIBOR OFFICE: Revolving Loan Commitment Address: 399 Park Avenue Address: Two Penns Way 7.13636% 6th Floor - Zone Suite 200 New York, NY 10043 New Castle, DE 19720 Term C Loan Commitment 25.00000% Facsimile No.: (212) 758-6278 Facsimile No.: (302) 894-6120 Attention: Charles Foster Attention: Hilda Zambrano 6.
The Borrowers shall issueNote payable to the order of each Lender requesting suchNote in accordance with the Revolving Commitment, TermLoan Commitment, Term B Loan Commitment, Term C Loan Commitment, orcommitment for Additional Term Loans of such Lender.
Once repaid, Term C Loans under the Term C Loan Commitment may not be reborrowed.
Commitment means, as to any Lender, such Lender's Pro Rata Share of the Revolving Loan Commitment, the Term A Loan Commitment, the Term B Loan Commitment, the Term C Loan Commitment and the Term D Loan Commitment.