Tenderers definition

Tenderers means the person/the firm or company who tenders for the works with a view to execute the works on contract with the Railway and shall include their personnel representatives, successors and permitted assignees.
Tenderers means the organisations being invited to respond to this Invitation to Tender
Tenderers means the individual or Firm or Company whether incorporated or not, undertaking the work and shall include Consortium basis the legal representatives of such individuals or the persons composing such Firm or Company, or the successors of such Firm or Company and the permitted assignees of such individual or firm or firms or the Company.

More Definitions of Tenderers

Tenderers means and includes those persons or Firm, Undertaking Company who have submitted valid tender and includes their authorised representative and person who can lawfully represent the tenderer.
Tenderers means those who submit a tender;
Tenderers means the Tenderer whose tender has been duly accepted by the Municipality;
Tenderers means the persons invited to submit Tender Offers to provide the goods and/or services required under this Invitation to Tender. All other capitalised terms referred to in this Invitation to Tender shall have the same meanings as those given in the Conditions of Contract.
Tenderers means economic operators who have submitted a tender.