Definition of Tenant's Cost

Tenant's Cost shall mean the product of (i) the Usage multiplied by (ii) Landlords Rate, and in no event shall exceed the costs to Landlord; Landlord shall make no profit nor charge Tenant any administrative or other fee.

Examples of Tenant's Cost in a sentence

Tenants Allowance will consist of two separate funded accounts, namely Account I in the amount of $400,000, which is applicable to Tenants Cost with respect to Area B and Area C, and Account II in the amount of $200,000, which is applicable to the entire Premises.
Landlord agrees to make available up to $600,000 which Tenant may, at its election use to pay Tenants Cost in preparing the Premises for Tenants occupancy, which amount is referred to in this Lease as Tenants Allowance.
Landlords obligation to make Account I available will expire on October 31, 1996 unless on or before that date Tenant notifies Landlord of its intention to make Improvements and apply Account I to Tenants Cost for the Improvements.
Unless otherwise agreed, Tenant agrees to pay Tenants Cost as Additional Rent in installments as the work progresses as provided in the agreement with the contractor performing the work and in any event on or before the Term Commencement Date.
Landlord shall estimate from time to time the amount of the Tenants Cost Allocation for each year and then make an adjustment in the following year based on the actual Tenants Cost Allocation incurred for the prior year.