Definition of Tenant's Cost

Tenant's Cost shall mean the product of (i) the Usage multiplied by (ii) Landlords Rate, and in no event shall exceed the costs to Landlord; Landlord shall make no profit nor charge Tenant any administrative or other fee.

Examples of Tenant's Cost in a sentence

Tenant's Cost shall be deemed "Rent" under the Lease Document (and all remedies for the non-payment of Rent shall be available to Landlord therefor).
Upon issuance of a building permit, Tenant shall immediately pay to Landlord, prior to the Landlord's commencement of work on Tenant Improvements, a sum equal to 50% of Tenant's Cost Share.
The cost of all such construction shall be paid by Tenant ("Tenant's Cost").
If such estimated amount exceeds the actual amount of Tenant's Cost, Landlord shall provide a refund of the difference.
Landlords obligation to make Account I available will expire on October 31, 1996 unless on or before that date Tenant notifies Landlord of its intention to make Improvements and apply Account I to Tenants Cost for the Improvements.