Definition of Temporary Lease

Temporary Lease means any Tenant Lease entered into for seasonal or temporary uses, carts, kiosks, directory and other advertising or marketing agreements with a term of 1 year or less that cannot be automatically extended at the option of the tenant party thereto.

Examples of Temporary Lease in a sentence

Vyvx shall pay IXC **** per fiber per route mile per month during the Temporary Lease Term.
The Temporary Lease payment shall be prorated for partial months.
TEMPORARY LEASE As portions of IXC's System become available for commercial use, IXC shall promptly notify Vyvx and shall offer to lease to Vyvx the Vyvx IRU Fibers in the quantity and along the routes desired to be leased by Vyvx (as set forth in Exhibit A) for the Temporary Lease Term (as defined below).
Upon receipt of such Real Estate Approval, the Temporary Lease Agreement shall terminate and Burgundy shall Convey the applicable Spinco Active Site to the Spinco, or its designated Subsidiary or Affiliate, pursuant to one or more applicable Burgundy Transfer Documents in the manner provided in Section 3.5 hereof.
Any Small Shop Lease or Temporary Lease that is not in conformity with the Leasing Parameters would require Port Authority Member's approval prior to execution by the Westfield Member or Property Manager.