Definition of Telecom Provider

Telecom Provider means a provider of Telecom Equipment or services using Telecom Equipment.
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Examples of Telecom Provider in a sentence

Notwithstanding any provision of the preceding paragraphs to the contrary, the provisions of this Lease, including this Section 26, may be enforced solely by Tenant and Landlord, are not for the benefit of any other party (including any subtenant), and specifically, but without limitation, no Telecom Provider will be deemed a third party beneficiary of this Lease or this Section 26.
Landlord does not make, and expressly disclaims, any representation, warranty or endorsement regarding or relating to any Telecom Provider, Telecom Services or Telecom Equipment.
No approval by Landlord under this Section 26 will be deemed any kind of warranty or representation by Landlord, including, without limitation, any warranty or representation as to the suitability, competence or financial strength of any Telecom Provider or the quality or fitness for any particular purpose of any Telecom Equipment or Telecom Services.
Until Tenants Telecom Provider or Tenant, as the case may be, executes the appropriate written agreement with Landlord, Landlord will have no obligation to reserve space for Tenant for Telecom Equipment anywhere in the Project.
Tenant or Tenants Telecom Provider will provide Landlord with plans and specifications of the installation, modification or removal of the applicable Telecom Equipment, and Landlord will have approved such plans and specifications, before any installation, modification or removal of such Telecom Equipment commences.