Definition of TEF

TEF means Texas Energy Future Capital Holdings LLC, a Delaware limited liability company and the general partner of Texas Holdings.
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TEF ' means Toxic Equivalency Factor;
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Examples of TEF in a sentence

Investors wishing to tender Interests pursuant to the Offer should send or deliver a completed and executed Letter of Transmittal (the Tender Offer Form will suffice) to the Investment Adviser, to the attention of TEF Fund Operations, at 4265 San Felipe, 8th Floor, Houston, Texas 77027 or fax a completed and executed Letter of Transmittal to the Investment Adviser, also to the attention of TEF Fund Operations, at (713) 583-1330.
Accordingly, the TEF Group and the PT Group shall transfer to the Company all their Interests in Wireless Properties and any New Acquisitions made by either Group or jointly by both Groups (as the case may be) as set forth in the Shareholders Agreement and in this Agreement.
Subject to the provisions of this Agreement and the Shareholders Agreement, each of the Parties confirms its objective to build the leading wireless and mobile telephone venture in Brazil by operating solely through the Company and otherwise to take, or refrain from taking, any actions in such a manner to permit the Company to fully comply with the Company Growth Principles, and to cause each of the TEF Group and PT Group to act in the same manner.
Each member of the TEF Group is a corporation duly organised, validly existing under the laws of its country of incorporation.
All the representations and warranties made by the TEF Group with respect to the TEF Covered Assets shall also be deemed to have been made with respect to the Subsidiaries of each of the TEF Covered Assets, if any.