Technique definition

Technique means the settings selected on the control panel of the equipment.
Technique has the meaning ascribed thereto in the Recitals;;
Technique means the type of instrumental or manual procedure used to perform an analysis. For example, the potentiometric ion selective electrode determination of fluoride is one of four techniques used for the determination of fluoride in drinking water. There are three method references approved by USEPA that use this technique.

Examples of Technique in a sentence

  • Include a Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) or similar type display, time related, showing each event.

  • The extent of the banks shall be established by a field determination of the “bankfull stage.” The field determination of “bankfull stage” shall be based on methods presented in Chapter 7 of the USDA Forest Service General Technical Report RM-245, Stream Channel Reference Sites: An Illustrated Guide to Field Technique or other applicable publication available from a Federal, State, or other authoritative source.

  • Funding Technique Name Description Actual Clearance, ZBA - ACH The State shall request funds such that they are deposited by ACH in a State account on the settlement date of payments issued by the State.

  • Non-Third Party Verification Technique Tenant Declaration (Level 1): The tenant submits an affidavit or notarized statement of reported income and/or expenses to the PHA.

  • Control pests as appropriate, using Integrated Pest Management techniques, as specified in the GSA Environmental Management Integrated Pest Management Technique Guide (E402-1001).

More Definitions of Technique

Technique means a method or way of working with materials to create a work of art to accomplish specific effects.
Technique means the physical skills of a dancer that enable him or her to execute the steps and movements required in different dances. Different styles or genres of dance often have specific techniques.
Technique means a procedure within a method. For example: ultrasonic immersion testing used as a part of the ultrasonic method, or fluorescent penetrant inspection as a part of penetrant inspection.
Technique means that legislative drafting and especially the p hase wherein the norm content is transformed into a well designed bill shouldn’t be considered an art but a technique that can be learned. 3 Even so, there is a difference between experienced technicians capable of
Technique simply means a specialized way for doing something expertly. Every profession uses techniques in achieving its specific objectives and goes on to develop and improve on these techniques. These techniques guide the user in achieving the desired goals. The translation job is not left out of the business of using techniques.
Technique means both applied technology and the way, in which a facility is designed, planned, completed, operated, and wound up.