Definition of TDL

TDL means The TDL Group Corp., a Nova Scotia unlimited liability company and its successors and assigns.
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Examples of TDL in a sentence

Shore Title: Director Name: Title: Tine Davis DePuty Genera( Counsel Date: .0/ FACILITIES-BASED OCN 1 174B 7178 7280 7273 ACNA AVS ICG LUW TIM TDL XPC Version: 2Q07 Standard ICA 04/2@07 CCCS 25 of 309 Attachment 1 Page 1 Version: 4Q04 Standard ICA 02/04/05 Attachment 1 Resale CCCS 26 of 311Page 26 of 318 Attachment 1 Page 2 Version: 4Q04 Standard ICA 02/04/05 Table of Contents 1.
Any of the Companys obligations in this Section 7 may be satisfied by TDL or the Employer.
For instance, hourly observations (METARs) are taken from NCEP TDL ON 00-1 January 1, 2000 2.2 files and put into TDLPACK format.
Soap containers, mugs, bucket and all other items available in Signature of Tenderer ANNEXURE Page 36 DFCCIL/ TDL/ OUTSOURCE OFFICE ASSITANCE 2017 the toilets in the toilets should be kept absolutely clean throughout the day.
Parent, a Canadian corporation, was originally formed on August 25, 2014 to serve as the indirect holding company for The TDL Group Corp.