Definition of TDL

TDL means The TDL Group Corp., a Nova Scotia unlimited liability company and its successors and assigns.

Examples of TDL in a sentence

Any of the Companys obligations in this Section 7 may be satisfied by TDL or the Employer.
The TDL Group Corp., THD Coffee Co. and, if so designated by the Administrator, RBI, any Subsidiary or the parent of RBI.
The TDL Group Ltd. has amalgamated and is now doing business under the name The TDL Group Corp. Therefore, all references to The TDL Group Ltd. shall be replaced with references to The TDL Group Corp. 2.
Wendys International, Inc. (the Company) adopted the Wendys Restaurants of Canada Inc. and The TDL Group Ltd. Supplementary Retirement Plan, effective January 1, 1999 (the Plan); and WHEREAS, the Company desires to amend the Plan in order to make certain changes to the Plan.
The Administrative Agent shall have received executed copies of the (i) a Subsidiary Guarantee from The TDL Group Corp. dated as of the Closing Date substantially in the form of Exhibit G, and (ii) and evidence that no additional Subsidiary Guarantees are necessary to meet the conditions described in Section 5.9.