Definition of TDI

TDI means Theatre Direct NY, Inc.

TDI means the Texas Department of Insurance.

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Examples of TDI in a sentence

HMO must have a plan and take appropriate measures to ensure adequate provision against the risk of insolvency as required by TDI.
MCO or Contractor means the MCO that is a party to this Contract and is an insurer licensed or approved by TDI as an HMO, ANHC formed in compliance with Chapter 844 of the Texas Insurance Code, or an EPO with an Exclusive Provider Benefit Plan approved by TDI in accordance with 28 T.A.C. SS3.9201-3.9212.
Si no se resuelve la disputa, puede entonces comunicarse con el departamento (TDI).
Architect shall mean the architect for the Hotel, TDI Associates, Inc.
The HMO has, and will maintain throughout the life of this Contract, minimum net worth to the greater of (a) $1,500,000; (b) an amount equal to the sum of twenty-five dollars ($25) times the number of all enrollees including Members; or (c) an amount that complies with standards adopted by TDI.