Definition of TDF

TDF s Consultant" shall mean Merritt & Harris, Inc., or such other Person or architectural or engineering consultant as may be designated and engaged by TDF, at the Company's expense, to examine the Budget and the Plans, any changes thereto, and cost breakdowns and estimates with respect to the Project (including, without limitation, all cost breakdowns and estimates set forth in any Request for Disbursement and all accompanying certifications), to make periodic inspections of the progress of the Construction of the Improvements on behalf of TDF, to advise and render reports to TDF concerning the foregoing and to otherwise consult with TDF with respect to the Project.

Examples of TDF in a sentence

In consideration of Abrikas entering into this Agreement and funding of the development of the TDF patch, Corium and Abrika shall enter into a Stock Purchase Agreement pursuant to which Corium shall grant to Abrika, for [*] and other good and valuable consideration, a number of shares of Coriums Common Stock (the Shares), which number shall be equal, at the time of grant, to [*] of the issued and outstanding Common Stock of Corium, and which Shares shall be subject to customary anti-dilution protection.
During the Term, unless the other party first agrees in writing, neither Corium nor Abrika shall sponsor, engage, be engaged, or participate in any research within the Field which will compete with the TDF patch.
The Company will give TDF prior written notice of any relocation of such office.
Inspection and approvals of the Plans, the Project and the workmanship and materials used therein shall impose no responsibility or liability of any nature whatsoever on TDF and no person shall, under any circumstances, be entitled to rely upon such inspections and approvals by TDF for any reason.
As to the Phase of the Project for which the Company has submitted a Request for Disbursement for Hard Costs, (1) all Prime Contracts as to which the Request for Disbursement relates shall have been entered into, and (2) copies of all such Prime Contracts, and copies of all amendments thereto, together with Prime Contractor Consents and Agreements with respect to each such Prime Contract and Assignments of Contracts with respect to each such Prime Contract shall have been delivered to TDF.