Definition of TDA

TDA means the Texas Department of Agriculture.

TDA means TDA Industries, Inc., a New York corporation.
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TDA means Training Delivery Agent. Share: Facebook Tweet Delicious Digg Site Help Contact Us Accessibility Privacy Site Map Notices (c) Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2008-2009 Important Notices - Last Modified: 13/2/15 9:54:19 AM
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Examples of TDA in a sentence

State and Local Operating and Capital Financial Assistance The District is eligible to receive local operating and capital assistance from the Transportation Development Act Funds (TDA).
As provided in the TDA, as between BMS and Penn, Penn will have exclusive control (subject to reasonable communication on a periodic basis with BMS regarding the status of the prosecution of pending patent applications within the Assigned BMS Patents, including amendments to claim scope) of the prosecution and maintenance of the Assigned BMS Patents, including regarding any extensions, interferences, oppositions, reissue proceedings and re-examinations with respect thereto.
In partial consideration of the License, Company will reimburse Penn, within [CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED] /*/ ([CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED] /*/) days after the Effective Date, for Penns reasonable out-of-pocket legal fees, a one-time, non-refundable, non-creditable transaction fee up to $[CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED] /*/ with respect to Penns negotiation and execution of this Agreement and the Term Sheet between the parties dated November, 2005 (the Term Sheet) and the TDA.
Company may (but is not obligated to) prosecute under its sole control any infringement of the Penn Patent Rights at Companys expense (but with respect to the Assigned BMS Patents, only to the extent that Penn has enforcement rights thereunder as provided in the TDA).
Penn will promptly provide to Company all papers concerning the ownership, prosecution and maintenance of the Assigned BMS Patents Penn receives from BMS (including all assignment documents required by Article 3.1 of the TDA).