Definition of TCG

TCG means TCG and MB, after the closing under the Agreement, as successor in interest.

TCG means the Total Cash Gains.
Sample 1

Examples of TCG in a sentence

DIRECTORY LISTING COORDINATION SERVICES - TCG offers White Pages Directory Listing coordination services to the Reseller.
Building of Type One Access to Avoid Type Two Recurring Costs - TCG will build such Type One transport and bill Reseller for those facilities.
Appropriate Intercept Announcements indicating a temporary out-of-service condition on a Customer's line or the disconnection of a Customer shall also be provided by TCG as required.
Any surcharge for these services which TCG is required to collect will be billed to Reseller at TCG's cost.
The request for a price quote for such will be put in writing by the Reseller, 2) the price for such will be identified in advance by TCG, 3) provided to the Reseller, 4) agreed upon by both parties, 5) and approved in writing by the Reseller in advance when such services are required.