Definition of TCF

TCF means one trillion cubic feet of Gas at a base temperature of sixty degrees (60deg) Fahrenheit, and at a pressure base of fourteen and seventy-three one hundredths (14.73) Psia and containing the amount of water vapor present at actual production pressure and temperature.

TCF means trillion cubic feet.
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Examples of TCF in a sentence

The Plan is a pooled fund for certain participating employers, all of which are direct or indirect subsidiaries of TCF Financial.
TCF Financials obligation to deliver Shares of Common Stock hereunder shall, if the Committee so requests, be conditioned upon the receipt of a representation as to the investment intention of the Grantee or any other person to whom such Shares are to be delivered, in such form as the Committee shall determine to be necessary or advisable to comply with the provisions of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or any other federal, state, or local securities law or regulation.
The financial statements of the TCF Employees Stock Purchase Plan (the "Plan") have been prepared on the accrual basis of accounting.
For these statements, TCF claims the protection of the safe harbor for forward-looking statements contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
If eligible, Executive shall participate in retiree medical coverage of the Company on the same terms and conditions as apply to TCF employees generally.