Definition of TCB

TCB means Texas Capital Bank, N.A., a national banking association.

TCB means Terminal Control Block(s) and shall have the meaning set forth in Schedule F.
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Examples of TCB in a sentence

Acceptance documents issued by HUD include: Structural Engineering Bulletins (SEB) on a national basis, Area Letters of Acceptance (ALA) which when accepted by all Area HUD Offices in a HUD region will, in essence, become Regional Letters of Acceptance (RLA), Truss Connector Bulletins (TCB): and, Mechanical Engineering Bulletins (MEB).
The TCB Released Parties specifically disclaim any liability to or wrongful acts against Executive or any other person.
Executive understands and agrees that this Release shall not in any way be construed as an admission by the TCB Released Parties of any unlawful or wrongful acts whatsoever against Executive or any other person.
Executive agrees that he will not take with him any Company or TCB property, documents, or data of any description or any reproduction thereof, including summaries or notes regarding same, or any documents containing or relating to any Company or TCB proprietary or Confidential Information.
Executive and the Company agree not to make any statements that disparage the reputation of (i) the Company or TCB, its products, services or employees, or (ii) Executive.