Definition of Tax type

Tax type means a tax that is subject to electronic funds transfer, each of which shall be considered a separate cat- egory of payment.

Examples of Tax type in a sentence

Amnesty results - top five tax types for penalty & interest reduction Tax type Net amnesty revenue Penalty/interest reductions Personal income tax $ 11,103,240.12 $ 6,986,658.47 Sales and use tax 4,779,089.33 930,874.65 Corporate tax 2,695,107.05 702,376.42 Estate tax 2,209,617.95 607,152.00 Withholding tax 521,421.99 411,287.81 Table shows net amnesty revenue, as well as penalty/interest reductions, listed by tax type, sorted by penalty/interest reductions.
Sprint shall separately state the Tax type (or name) and jurisdiction for any Tax invoiced to a SIG Party.
Tax listing to contain, but not be limited to, the following for each escrow and non-escrow account (sort separately) which is delinquent for payment of taxes at the time of transfer by investor (generated as of Transfer Cutoff Date): 1 Loan number 2 Tax type - e.g. county, school, city, special assessment, etc.