Definition of Tax Payment

Tax Payment means either the increase in a payment made by an Obligor to a Finance Party under Clause 12.2 (Tax gross-up) or a payment under Clause 12.3 (Tax indemnity).

Tax Payment means either an increased payment made by a Borrower to a Lender under Section 2.17A(d) or a payment under Section 2.17A(i).

Tax Payment means any payment of foreign, federal, state or local tax liabilities.

Examples of Tax Payment in a sentence

Return of Reduced Excise Tax Payment or Payment of Additional Excise Tax.
If the Participant fails to pay any required Tax Payment, the Company may, in its discretion, deduct any Tax Payments from any amount then or thereafter payable by the Company to the Participant and take such other action as deemed necessary to satisfy all obligations for the Tax Payment (including reducing the number of Shares delivered on the Settlement Date).
Furthermore, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Participant will be solely responsible for making any Tax Payment directly to the appropriate taxing authorities should the Participant opt not to satisfy his or her Tax Payment through a cashless exercise.
The Participant agrees to pay the Company in the form of a check or cashiers check any overage of the Tax Payment paid by the Company as a result of making whole any partial Share issued through a cashless exercise.
All amounts payable by Tenant to or on behalf of Landlord under this Lease, whether or not expressly denominated Fixed Rent, Tenants Tax Payment, Tenants Operating Payment, Additional Rent or Rent, shall constitute rent for the purposes of Section 502(b)(6) of the United States Bankruptcy Code.