Tail Insurance definition

Tail Insurance has the meaning set forth in Section 7.10(b).
Tail Insurance means insurance which covers a professional insured once a claims made malpractice insurance policy is cancelled, not renewed or terminated and covers claims made after such cancellation or termination for acts occurring during the period the prior malpractice insurance was in effect.
Tail Insurance. Policy. Effective at the Closing, YSI shall provide, at its sole expense, for the benefit and in the name of the Company and the Subsidiaries, a so-called "tail insurance" policy covering professional liability and malpractice claims against the Company and the Subsidiaries for a period of seven (7) years subsequent to the Closing Date and providing insurance in favor of such entities with such deductibles and otherwise substantially similar to the professional liability insurance policy in effect for the Company and the Subsidiaries immediately prior to the Closing, all with an insurer reasonably satisfactory to the Purchaser and pursuant to a policy of insurance that is reasonably satisfactory to the Purchaser.

Examples of Tail Insurance in a sentence

  • Such Tail Insurance shall include endorsement policies for any physicians employed by Seller.

  • This Tail Insurance coverage shall be retroactive such that it covers all periods prior to the Closing Date and shall remain in effect indefinitely.

  • The Company shall use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain in force and effect for five years from the Closing Date the Tail Insurance Coverage relating back five years from the Closing Date.

  • The "Tail Insurance Coverage" shall be health care services professional liability coverage with The Doctors Company or such other financially sound and reputable insurance company or association selected by the Company with limits of liability of $1,000,000 per loss.

  • Parent will cause the Surviving Entity to enforce the D&O Tail Insurance upon request of the D&O Indemnified Persons and will not allow the Surviving Entity to cancel the D&O Tail Insurance during its term.

More Definitions of Tail Insurance

Tail Insurance means a fully-paid extended reporting endorsement (tail endorsements) with respect to each insurance policy of Seller providing at least a three (3)-year extended reporting period after the Closing and providing coverage for insured acts and omissions that may have occurred prior to the Closing.
Tail Insurance has the meaning set forth in Section 7.2(b).
Tail Insurance means as set forth in Section 6.4(b) hereof.
Tail Insurance as defined in Section 8.5;
Tail Insurance means continuing director and officer insurance coverage for a tail period of six (6) years for the directors and officers of all of the ProtoStar entities, the material terms of which, including the amount of premiums associated therewith, shall be agreed upon by PS I and counsel for the Noteholder Supporting Creditors.
Tail Insurance. As defined in Section 6.1. Taxes. As defined in Section 3.24. Third-Party Claim. As defined in Section 10.7.
Tail Insurance is defined in Section 6.9 of this Agreement.