Superseded definition

Superseded means a record only needs to be retained until it is replaced with more current information.
Superseded means a final rule that has been amended by a current rule relating to the same general subject matter.
Superseded means superseded under section 10 of the 1998 Act(6), and “supersession” is to be construed accordingly; and

Examples of Superseded in a sentence

The following reason codes may be included in the field: 0 = Unspecified, 1 = Key compromise, 2 = CA compromise, 3 = Affiliation changed, 4 = Superseded, 5 = Cessation of operation, 6 = Certificate hold The reason code “0” (i.e. unspecified) will be indicated since Applicants or Subscribers will not be required to give any particular reason of certificate revocation.

Superseded sections of the Texas Building and Procurement Commissions’ Uniform General Conditions are not included in the A&M System Uniform General and Supplementary Conditions.

Superseded by a circuit court order.The current support obligation in Paragraph B is reduced according to the schedule below as each child reaches age 18, dies, marries, or otherwise emancipates, unless the child is dependent in fact, between the ages of 18 and 19, still in high school and performing in good faith with a reasonable expectation of graduating before the age of 19.

Superseded, revised and voided documents can be maintained for legal and/or historic information.

To The Extent Not Superseded By The Laws Of The United States, This Amendment Shall Be Construed and Enforced in Accordance With, and the Rights of the Parties Shall Be Governed By, the Internal Laws of the State of Texas, Without Reference to Principles of Conflicts of Law.

More Definitions of Superseded

Superseded means that a new record series or RDA number has been used to cover records that were previously identified differently. The The “Superseded” section provides a cross walk between new and any superseded RDA numbers. When revising a GRS, an attempt is made to retain the previous RDA number, providing the underlying records remain the same.
Superseded means the record shall be retained until such time as it has been replaced with more current information.
Superseded means a Record that is replaced by a more recent or up-dated Record.
Superseded means a record that has been replaced because it has become outdated or a new record has been created.
Superseded means replaced, or take the place of. A record may be superseded by newer information.
Superseded means superseded under Article 11 of the 1998 Order(b) and “supersession” is to be construed accordingly.
Superseded means that the Ballot was superseded by a later Ballot cast by the same party on account of the same Equity Interests.