Definition of Substitute Premises

Substitute Premises means one or more parcels of real estate substituted for the Premises in accordance with the requirements of Section 11, together with all rights, privileges and appurtenances associated therewith and all buildings, fixtures and other improvements, equipment, trade fixtures, appliances and other personal property located thereon (whether or not affixed to such real estate). For purposes of clarity, where two or more parcels of real estate comprise a Substitute Premises, such parcels or interests shall be aggregated and deemed to constitute the Substitute Premises for all purposes of this Agreement.

Examples of Substitute Premises in a sentence

This notice will be accompanied by a floor plan of the Substitute Premises.
Upon substantial completion of the Substitute Premises, this Lease will apply to the Substitute Premises as if the Substitute Premises had been the space originally described in this Lease.
Insofar as reasonably possible, the Substitute Premises shall be of comparable quality and shall have a comparable square foot area and a configuration substantially similar to the Premises.
Landlord agrees to construct or alter, at its expense, the Substitute Premises as expeditiously as possible so that the Substitute Premises are in substantially the same condition that the Premises were in immediately prior to the relocation.
If relocation occurs after the Commencement Date, then Landlord shall pay Tenant's reasonable third-party costs of moving Tenant's furnishings, telephone and computer wiring, and other property to the Substitute Premises, and reasonable printing costs associated with the change of address.