Subsequent Transactions definition

Subsequent Transactions means the transactions to be effected sequentially forthwith after the Effective Time to: (i) issue additional common shares of WesternZagros to Western for cash subscription proceeds of $81,533,877; (ii) transfer all of the issued and outstanding shares of WesternZagros to SpinCo in consideration for the issuance by SpinCo of redeemable preferred shares in the capital of SpinCo; (iii) cause the redemption or purchase for cancellation of such SpinCo redeemable preferred shares in consideration for the issuance of a demand non-interest bearing promissory note of SpinCo; (iv) cause the redemption or purchase for cancellation of the Class B Shares in consideration of the cancellation of such SpinCo promissory note; and (v) cause the redemption or purchase for cancellation of the Class C Shares in consideration of the payment by Western to SpinCo of $1,000,000.
Subsequent Transactions. 7.3(b) "Subsidiary" 3.1 "Superior Proposal" 9.1(i) "Surviving Corporation" 1.1(a) "Takeover Statute" 3.2(b) "Tax Return" 3.12(a) "Taxes" 3.12(g) "Taxing Authority" 3.12(h) "Third Party Payor Program" 3.13(d)(xvi) "Third Party Payors" 3.13(d)(xvii) "transactions contemplated by this Agreement" 10.10(a) "WARN" 3.18(c) AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER THIS AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER dated as of the 29th day of June, 2004, by and among MARINER HEALTH CARE, INC., a Delaware corporation (the "Company"), NATIONAL SENIOR CARE, INC., a Delaware corporation ("Purchaser") and NCARE Acquisition Corp., a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Purchaser ("Merger Sub").
Subsequent Transactions means subsequent transactions by and among the Bidcos and the Guarantor relating to the contemplated adjustment of those shareholding percentage in the Target after the Acquisition.

Examples of Subsequent Transactions in a sentence

  • Use of this exemption depends on meeting the conditions listed in (i) and (ii) at the beginning of the discussion on Renewals, Refinancings, and Other Subsequent Transactions.

  • Renewals, Refinancings, and Other Subsequent Transactions Under certain circumstances, renewals, refinancings, and other subsequent transactions may be supported by evaluations rather than appraisals.

  • The Buyer Group undoubtedly had actual knowledge of their own conduct, including the conduct of Defendants Zhou and Shen, and including the use of the Undisclosed Projections and planned Subsequent Transactions.

  • However, as is now known, the public had been misled about the Merger, because: (1) there were undisclosed plans for Subsequent Transactions; and (2) the projections presented to the public and filed with the SEC were substantially lower than the real projections management had prepared in connection with Defendants’ plans for a Subsequent Transaction.

  • In late July 2016—before the shareholder meeting on the Merger—the Undisclosed Projections were used by Defendants in pitching Subsequent Transactions to potential parties.

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Subsequent Transactions. For every subsequent transaction the formula shall be triggered only by issuance of Colmena common stock, as adjusted for any stock splits or stock dividends, at a price below the immediately preceding lowest net tangible book value paid for Colmena common stock issued subsequent to this Agreement (the "Subsequent Trigger Price"); and the formula shall be modified as follows: the Base Shares shall be increased by the aggregate of Adjustment Shares theretofore issued to the TFST; the Adjustment Numerator shall be the immediately preceding Trigger Price and the Adjustment Denominator shall be the Subsequent Trigger Price.
Subsequent Transactions means, collectively, (i) the closing of the New Senior Credit Facility and the incurrence of the revolving loans drawn down on the Final Takedown Closing Date thereunder, (ii) the incurrence of the Final Bridge Loan hereunder on the Final Takedown Closing Date, (iii) the consummation of the Merger, (iv) the Acquisition, (v) any other transaction on the Final Takedown Closing Date contemplated in relation to the foregoing and (vi) the payment of fees and expenses in connection with the foregoing.
Subsequent Transactions means the Third Party Sale, the Merger, the SPS Transactions and the Managing Agency Acquisition.
Subsequent Transactions means, collectively, the G&L Acquisition and the Polymer Acquisition.
Subsequent Transactions means each of the IPO, the TPG-MD Conversion, the TPG Stock Sale and the Incremental Term Loans.
Subsequent Transactions means the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Subsequent Transactions. Section 6.16.2