Subscriptions definition

Subscriptions means any such submission. Company hereby appoints Agent to act as subscription agent in connection with the Subscription Offer and Agent hereby accepts such appointment in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Subscriptions means the amount due and payable by the Member under the terms and conditions of the Agreement with Specialty Emergency Services. Subscriptions will vary and may or may not be determined by the member’s claims history.

Examples of Subscriptions in a sentence

Subscriptions made through Stock Exchanges will be made by specifying the number of Units to be subscribed and not the amount to be invested.

If a correction is required of more than 1% of the Net Asset Value and certain Participants or the Fund, as the case may be, incurred losses through Subscriptions or Redemptions against the erroneously calculated Net Asset Value, the Manager will compensate (in cash or in Participations) those Participants or the Fund, as the case may be, for the actual losses incurred.

Income to East Midlands Councils is split between:  Membership Subscriptions.

The Earned Income budget (£294,000) includes all forms of income except Subscriptions, Grants, Secondments and Sponsorship and is derived essentially from courses, events and consultancy opportunities created by EMC staff.

Subscriptions and redemptions of redeemable shares are accounted for on the day the trade transaction takes place.

More Definitions of Subscriptions

Subscriptions has the meaning ascribed to such term in the Preamble.
Subscriptions means cloud hosted services provided by ExtraHop for a fixed term under which ExtraHop provides access to certain features, functionality or information as described in the applicable Exhibit to this Agreement. Subscriptions include Cloud Features as defined in Exhibit D (Cloud Features) and ExtraHop SaaS as further defined in Exhibit E (ExtraHop SaaS).
Subscriptions means a consumption offering (also called pay-as-you-go (PAYG) based on actual usage.
Subscriptions means Service delivery model where services can be purchased as subscriptions, paid for on a monthly or annual basis.
Subscriptions means the subscriptions set out in the Order Form and paid for by the Client pursuant to section 3 which entitle Authorized Users and End Users to access and use the Product(s) in accordance with this Agreement.
Subscriptions means subscription-based Software or services provided by VECTRA to Customer for a fixed or recurring period, subject to subscription fees for each such period as set forth in the Order.
Subscriptions means at any time during the term of this Agreement, the then-current Autodesk programs and standard agreements setting forth the terms and conditions entitling an End User to specified product and service benefits related to Autodesk software programs, over a specified period of time.