Subscribe definition

Subscribe means the point at which any First Communications Service is available for your use.
Subscribe includes, where the means of authentication referred to in section 888 are employed, subscribe in the prescribed non-legible form;
Subscribe means to enter into a subscription.

Examples of Subscribe in a sentence

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe, respectively, to the all-members listserv, as well as to other mailing lists based on specified filter conditions.

  • Design monitoring and evaluation tools for community organizations ROLES OF ([Insert the Name]Your Institution/Organization/Initiative) Subscribe to be an Affiliate member of Center for Africa Volunteers by joining Forum for Community Change Agents (FCCA).Host local and International CAVAfrica Volunteers in {Insert Your Organization} programs through support and sponsorship of CAVAfrica.

  • Subscribe to our thought leadership blog to get fresh insight delivered daily at

  • How to Subscribe to This OfferingWhen you have completed the Subscription Booklet and all required pages, please contact Philip Moreb at (310) 955-0999 for wiring instructions.

  • Where the bankruptcy order or the Company reorganisation order is set aside by a higher court, the entitlement to Subscribe shall be reinstated.

More Definitions of Subscribe

Subscribe means to sign, or in the case of a person who is unable to sign his name, to make his mark, and the words "sign" and "signature" shall be construed similarly;
Subscribe means an agreement to receive from a Service Provider.
Subscribe means a utility customer that purchases shares in a qualifying solar energy project located within the same utility jurisdiction and county,
Subscribe means to make a Subscription.
Subscribe means to write one's own name on a document for the purpose of adopting its words as one's own expressions.
Subscribe means the point at which you are able to utilize Excel Service.
Subscribe means to sign with one’s own hand.). Because Benjamin and Eden Steigerwalt