Student definition

Student means a person, other than a person in receipt of a training allowance, who is attending or undertaking
Student means a student enrolled in a public school or a charter school.

Examples of Student in a sentence

The advisors will contact the instructor when the medical documentation is received, and will outline the severity and duration of the medical challenge as expressed on the Student Medical Certificate and in any other supporting documentation.

These bylaws must be approved by the organization’s Student Activities advisor and presented to the Student Union Ethics Commission.

NO, the Optional subcomponent WILL NOT be used; the Required subcomponent will comprise 100% of the Student Performance category.

If you consulted an off-campus doctor or Student Health Services regarding your illness or personal problem, you must provide the doctor with a Student Medical Certificate to complete at the time of your visit and then bring it to the Department (or the Undergraduate Services Office).

Regular doctor’s notes will not be accepted; only the Student Medical Certificate will be accepted.

More Definitions of Student

Student means any person who:
Student means a person taking any course(s) offered by the college.
Student means either (1) any person admitted, registered, enrolled or attending any CSCU course or CSCU conducted program, whether full-time or part- time, and whether pursuing undergraduate, graduate or professional studies, or continuing education; (2) any person who is not officially enrolled for a particular term but who has a continuing relationship with a CSCU; or (3) any person within two calendar years after the conclusion of their last registered Community College course unless the student has formally withdrawn, graduated or been expelled from the College.