Streams definition

Streams means those areas where surface waters produce a defined channel or bed. A defined channel or bed is an area that demonstrates clear evidence of the annual passage of water and includes, but is not limited to, bedrock channels, gravel beds, sand and silt beds, and defined-channel swales. The channel or bed need not contain water year-round. This definition includes drainage ditches or other artificial water courses where natural streams existed prior to human alteration, and/or the waterway is used by anadromous or resident salmonid or other fish populations or flows directly into shellfish habitat conservation areas.
Streams means all rivers, streams, creeks and flowages.

Examples of Streams in a sentence

  • Streams emanating from Hammer Hill were not anomalous in Ni or Co. Western Mining Corporation; EL 3115 and EL 3303; CR83-004, 83-332, 84-009, 85-045WMC followed up the Entire Creek diamond discovery with stream sediment sampling and recovered another microdiamond and several kimberlitic pyrope garnets.

  • Herrmann et al., “Retention and Measurement of Iodine-129 and of Organoiodine in the Offgas Streams of the Karlsruhe Reprocessing Plant WAK,” Proceedings of the 21st DOE/NRC Nuclear Air Cleaning Conference August 13– 16, 1990, Vol 1, CONF-900813, pp.

  • SISAL: Streams and iteration in a single assignment language: Reference manual version 1.2. Technical Report Manual M-146, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, March 1985.[19] Message Passing Interface Forum.

  • Streams are here to stay and it is our responsibility to design and build systems that cope with them in an effective and usable way.

  • V.19 CONTRACT-013.1 Environmental Provisions (Oct 2006) In the performance of the Contract, the Contractor shall minimize pollution and shall strictly comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, including, but not limited to: the Clean Streams Law Act of June 22, 1937 (P.L. 1987, No. 394), as amended 35 P.S. Section 691.601 et seq.; the Pennsylvania Solid Waste Management Act, Act of July 7, 1980 (P.L. 380, No. 97), as amended, 35 P.S. Section 6018.101 et seq.

More Definitions of Streams

Streams or "Skill Streams" means a broad grouping of skills related to a particular phase or aspect of production.
Streams means those areas of Thurston County where surface waters flow sufficiently to produce a defined channel or bed. A “defined channel or bed” is an area which demonstrates clear evidence of the passage of water and includes but is not limited to bedrock channels, gravel beds, sand and
Streams has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.2(a)(i)I.
Streams means seasonal or continuous water flowing unidirectionally down altitudinal gradients in all or part of natural or modified channels as a result of either surface water runoff or ground water influx, or both. Streams may be either perennial or intermittent and include all natural or modified watercourses.
Streams means natural, altered or improved channels that have seasonal or continuous water flows as a result of either surface stormwater runoff or groundwater influx, or both. Streams include channels, streambeds, streambanks, drainageways and stream mouths. Streams do not include ditches, flumes, reservoirs, lagoons, holding and silting basins, lakes, ponds and their associated ditches, underground drain lines or systems, and any portions of irrigation systems.
Streams means the mineral purchase rights and obligations held by the Sellers or the Holding Entities or any of them pursuant to the Stream Instruments, and "Stream" means any one of the foregoing.