Strata definition

Strata means a distinctive layer or series of layers of earth materials.
Strata. , plural of stratum, means the layers of sedimentary rock surrounding a coal seam.
Strata means a grouping of similar stands defined for silvicultural or management purposes, usually according to similarities in stand composition, structure, and age.

Examples of Strata in a sentence

Strata subdivisions The area of a lot that is wholly or partly on top of another or others in a strata subdivision is to be included in the calculation of the site area only to the extent that it does not overlap with another lot already included in the site area calculation.

The size of any lot resulting from a subdivision of land to which this clause applies for a strata plan scheme (other than any lot comprising common property within the meaning of theStrata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act 1973 or Strata Schemes (Leasehold Development) Act 1986) is not to be less than the minimum size shown on the Lot Size Map in relation to that land.Note.

Strata building bond and inspections scheme Details of the strata building bond and inspections scheme.

Strata and community living Covers living in strata schemes and other types of community living including retirement villages, boarding houses, land lease communities and others.

In the case of Strata type properties only the interior of the unit is inspected.

More Definitions of Strata

Strata means Strata Service Solutions Ltd.
Strata. (stratum, sing.) means a class or subset of the population being studied. For example: residential land or waterfront.
Strata means any form of land title which allows for multiple titles to exist in or on a building or land where the common property is held under a single separate title.
Strata means Strata Resources NL (ABN 28 007 687 612).
Strata means Strata Control Services, Inc., with an office at 1811 West Mill Street, Crowley, Louisiana 70526.
Strata means Strata Directional Technology, Inc., a Texas corporation.
Strata means each of Strata Bank, Service and Service MHC and the Subsidiaries of each of the foregoing, individually and collectively.