Startup Costs definition

Startup Costs means all costs of the Conduit Lender in connection with the creation of the Conduit Lender and the commencement of the Conduit Lender’s Securities issuance program.
Startup Costs means those expenses an agency incurs in the process of opening a new or additional facility before the full enrollment of children. (ad) “California state preschool program” means part-day and full-day educational programs for low-income or otherwise disadvantaged three-
Startup Costs means a one-time capital outlay to fund

Examples of Startup Costs in a sentence

The amount payable shall not exceed fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000) for the contract term.The Agency shall be a third-party beneficiary to Blue Shield’s Vaccine Provider contracts and shall be responsible for directly paying Vaccine Providers for Startup Costs and Incentive Payments thereunder.

Startup Costs and Network Incentive Payments that may be established and paid by the Agency.

Without the supporting data the Parties cannot determine the accuracy and reasonableness of the proposed Start-up Costs.

Mirant has failed to provide adequate supporting data to allow the Parties to determine whether Mirant has used the energy pricing from the correct period as a basis for calculating its Prepaid Start-up Costs and energy pricing that is consistent with the terms of the RMR Agreements.

However for Settlement purposes, ERCOT shall use any approved verifiable Startup Costs and verifiable minimum-energy cost for such Resources, or if verifiable costs have not been approved, the applicable Resource Category Generic Startup Offer Cost and Generic Minimum-Energy Offer Cost.

More Definitions of Startup Costs

Startup Costs means a one-time capital outlay to fund programs in a newly constructed senior center, a one-time capital outlay to fund additional programs in an existing senior center, or
Startup Costs means funds paid directly by the Agency to Vaccine Providers (or other appropriate entities identified by the Agency) to support the establishment of vaccination sites, including Mass Vaccination Sites, Mobile Clinics, and Vaccine Hubs, as identified and directed by the Agency.
Startup Costs means the actual costs incurred by Hospital and reimbursed by GKF to Hospital (which costs shall not include any administrative or overhead costs or expenses) to obtain the CON and other regulatory approvals needed for the installation and use of the Equipment. All such Startup Costs shall be at their actual cost without administrative overhead or markup. Within ten (10) days following Hospital’s written notice to GKF of Hospital’s election to exercise the Option, GKF shall submit to Hospital a detailed statement of the GKF Amount, and Hospital shall submit to GKF a detailed statement of Hospital’s Startup Costs. Such detailed statements shall include documentary proof of expenditures to justify the amounts claimed for such costs. A final cost accounting of these aforementioned costs shall be completed no later than six (6) months following the Option Exercise Date which shall be used for purposes of calculating the GKF Percentage.