Stake definition

Stake means a race that will be contested in a year subsequent to such race’s closing in which the money given by the track conducting the same is added to the money contributed by the nominators, all of which except deductions for the cost of promotion, breeders or nominators awards belongs to the winner or winners. In any event, all of the money contributed by the nominators must be paid to the winner or winners. Where a definite purse is offered, same shall be known as a guaranteed stake.
Stake means a number of shares in any Group member held by another Group member the disposal of which would cause the first Group member to cease to be a Subsidiary of the second Group member.

Examples of Stake in a sentence

Stake (1995) emphasizes that an in-depth case study approach allows the researcher to sharpen the search for understanding by perceiving what is happening in key episodes and present their own interpretation and stories.

Two of the major proponents of case study research are Yin (2003a & b) and Stake (1995).

SAPPCompany/FPOCBSLMinistries & Other AuthoritiesPROJECTSmall HoldersDevelopment Officer InstructorsV C Mobilizers/field staff and Extension Officers-SAP-P/Promoter/PFI & Production AssistantProvincial Multi Stake Holder Committee2.6 The M&E mechanism for SAP is given below.

In the following section I will define the case study, discuss the importance of incorporating this approach and how the case study will shape the collection of data and analysis.A case study is the ―empirical study of human activity‖ (Stake, 2005, p.250).

Stake (2005) believes there are five reasons why case studies are important: ―they refine theory; suggest complexities for further research; establish limits of generalizability; set public policy; and reflect on the human experience‖ (p.460).The case study approach influenced how the data would be collected and analyzed.

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Stake means the funds with which a player enters the game.
Stake means the monetary outlay by the customer in placing a bet;
Stake means an amount paid or risked in connection with gambling and which either-
Stake means the funds with which a player enters the game; Eff 10/30/2008
Stake means a device that anchors a trap in place.
Stake means a race, which will be contested in a year subsequent to the closing of nominations.