Stake definition

Stake means the funds with which a player enters the game; Eff 10/30/2008
Stake means a number of shares in any Group member held by another Group member the disposal of which would cause the first Group member to cease to be a Subsidiary of the second Group member.

Examples of Stake in a sentence

  • Stake locations of individual trees and shrubs and outline areas for multiple plantings.

  • The Contractor shall notify Arizona 811 (formerly Arizona Blue Stake) at 1-800-STAKE-IT (1-800- 782-5348) between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. Arizona time, Monday-Friday (excluding State holidays), at least 48 hours prior to construction.

  • The Contractor shall contact Arizona 811 (formerly Arizona Blue Stake) within the time frame specified under Arizona law and request field location of underground utilities on public and private property.

  • Bitches in season, hounds with breed disqualifications (except for the Single Stake) and lame hounds will be excused and have their entry fees refunded.

  • Stake supports with factory finish to match steel pipe casing or carrier pipe.

More Definitions of Stake

Stake means the amount of money offered by the Participant for a wager, in cash (whether physical or electronic) at an Outlet or through the Account Betting System and received and accepted by the Company in respect of the Participant's Bet;
Stake means a public utility's whole or fractional ownership
Stake means the total value of assets that a member/partner contributes or promises to contribute to a limited liability company or partnership. Stake holding means the ratio of a member/partner’s stake to charter capital of the limited liability company or partnership.
Stake means a wooden or metal post used to support and prevent the lateral movement of logs; (“ridelle”)
Stake means money or money’s worth that is or must be committed in order for a player to participate in a game, whether or not it is risked directly on a result of the game;
Stake or "Staking" means the holding of any Digital Assets in your account for an agreed period of time;